Organ of the Parish Church of Saint Albanus Schillingen

Two Manual elektro pneumatic Pipe Organ built by Christian Gerhard (1958)

This is not my own organ. However St. Alban's is my home parish thus this instrument belongs to my live. It played at my baptism, holy communion, confirmation and my wedding. This pages would not be complete without it.

I could play it only a few times so far.

The instument was built 1959 by Christian Gerhard und Sööhne from Boppard unsing parts of the old organ from Johann Adolph Ibach./p>

The register system as well as the action are elektro pneumatic.

Since 1998 there has been a club collecting money in order to repair and update the instrument. The main reason for this is that the electro pneumatic action of the current instrument is not reliable.

[St. Albanus, Schillingen]

Musik - Beispiele

P. Issid - Bach - Gerhard Organ Schillingen (2009)

N. und P. Issid - Noel by Daquin - Gerhard Organ Schillingen (2009)

N. and P. Issid - J.S. Bach Bereite dich Zion - Gerhard Organ Schillingen (2009)

P. Issid - J.S. Bach - Prealudium - Gerhard Organ Schillingen (2009)

THG - CPE Bach - Mein schönste Zier und Kleinord bist - Gerhard Organ Schillingen (2009)

N. Issid - Bach - Praeludium C-minor - Gerhard Organ Schillingen (2009)

N. Issid - Bach - Praeludium F-minor - Gerhard Organ Schillingen (2009)

P. Issid - Agnus Dei by P. Issid - Gerhard Organ Schillingen (2009)

P. Issid - Notre Père by P. Issid - Gerhard Organ Schillingen (2009)

N. Issid - Carol - Gerhard Organ Schillingen (2009)

N. Issid - Carol - Gerhard Organ Schillingen (2009)

[St. Albanus, Schillingen]


Construction Date 1958
Number of Keyboards 2
Keyboard Range C-f'''
Pedal C-d'
Action electro pneumatic
Stop Actionelectro pneumatic
Stops 20
Prinzipal-Base 8


The setup of this organ is quite strange: Whereas the console with two keyoards and a pedal is common, there is an echo division close to the altar of the church. This division has not an own keyboard but is played via the keyboard II. The Salizional is labelled "Fernflöte", since there is already another Salizional in this Division.

The pedal division has single wind chests for both 16 feet ranks and another one for the rest of the ranks. As for all divisions, the wind chests are divided into c chest and c# cest.

[St. Albanus, Schillingen]

The two keyboard divisions are placed on a steel construction which hangs into the church. The main reason was to gain some space for the choir. There is no casing.

The tow keyboard divisions are placed on a steel frame. Under the frame there is space for the choir. Like all other divisions they are divided into c and c# wind chests.

The blower is placed under the roof of the church, which is a quite good solution because this place is dry enough and not too cold.


Main Divison I Positive Division II Fernwerk II Pedal Division

Prinzipal 8'

Bordun 8'

Praestant 4'

Flöte 4'

Quintflöte 2 2/2'

Schwegel 2'

Hörnlein 1'

Mixtur 3 - 4 fach

Gedeckt 8'

Salizional 8'

Italienischer Prinzipal 4'

Flöte 4'

Piccolo 2'

Cymbel 2 fach

Salizional 8'

The stop resides on its own wind chests. They are placed close to the altar. This ection has its own blower and wind chests.

Subbass 16'

Geigenprinzipal 16'

Oktavbass 8'

Choralbass 4'

Bauernflöte 2'


Coupler Pedal to I

Coupler Pedal to II

Coupler I to II (Sub-Octave)

Coupler I to II (Super-Octave)


1 "Setzer"

No pistons

[St. Albanus, Schillingen]