Pipe Organs - A quite strange hobby?

Since 2003 I have been dealing with pipe organs. I had been bored by keyboards and electronic instruments and had been searching on "the real thing". Together with my faster I could then buy a small mechanical organ at a organ shop in Wuppertal. Only one pipe did not want to cooperate... This I tried to replace by material from Ebay.

And it continued ...

I was a bit too successful. Instead of one pipe I bought a complete church organ with five stops. The defective pipe was by the way also contained, thus I found out how to repair the one of the positive organ, in a kind of mechanical copy and paste.

So the "new" church organ was placed in the cellar and is therefore called cellar organ.

Never finished...

The chamber organ had originally been built to be used in a rented flat without disturbing the nightbours. After some changes it is now mainly used in the churches of our parish for baptisms or Taizé services. It fits into my car thus I can take it with me for these services.

Overview about "my" Organs

Only three of the instruments are taylor made. One had been bought "as it is".

Attic Organ Kapellen

This organ is - and will always be - under construction. As it is in our house I can tune and update whenever I have time (which is not too often since I have two children).

Chamber Organ

The chamber organ is placed in our living room where my daughter can practice. However for baptisms and Taizé services in the churches of our parish, we use the organ as well. Since it fints into our car, we can move them to the church where we need it.

Cellar Organ Schillingen

The cellar organ consists of two divisions. The main division is the former organ from Greding which I bought at Ebay in 2003. The positive division is a mechanical slider chest I got in 2015. Whereas the pipses of the main division belong to the organ, the pipes of the positive are from many sources.

Hofbauer Positive Organ

This was the first pipe organ in our household. We bought them in a pipe organ shop in Wuppertal which sells used organs and pianos.

Church Organs

Organs in my home parishes.

St. Albanus Schillingen

The organ of the parish church in Schillingen. Built 1958 by Gerhard und Söhne/ Boppart Rhine.

St. Clemens Kapellen

The organ of the parish church in Grevenbroich-Kapellen. Built by Romanus Seifert/ Kevelaer.