Chamber Organ

One Manual movable Pipe Organ

The chamber organ only contains one stop: Gedeckt 8'.

The organ has no slider checks but a pellet chest!


Construction Year 2014
Number of Keyboards 1
Keyboard Range C-c''
Pedal C-d'
Action MIDI
Stop Action Not applicable, there is only one stop
Stops 1
Prinzipal-Base N/A
Height 100 cm
Width 130 cm
Depth 65 cm


Main Division Pedal

Gedeckt 8'

Coupler to the Main Division

Sound Examples

Taize (D. Bonhöffer)- Aber du weißt den Weg für mich

Chamber Organ - Gedeckt 8'

Orlando di Lasso - Audite

Chamber Organ - Gedeckt 8'

More Fotos

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Bass pipes

The six biggest pipes are separate. So everything fits into my car.

Front view

F to h' as prospect


Small Meidinger blower (this time not a Laukhuff)

Metal pipes

c2 to f3 are stopped metal pipes.