Organ of the Parish Church of St Clemens

Two Manual electro pneumatic Pipe Organ (Romanus Seifert, Kevelaer)

On the gallery of the church there is a two manual organ with 19 stops. The organ was built by Romanus Seifert, Kevelar. To fit on the gallery, the orgen is turned by 90 degrees. Thus the audience cannot see the prospect. The wind chest system consists of three electro pneumatic slider chests.

There is no casing. Instead all pipes are arranged openly.

[St. Clemens, Kapellen]


Construction Year ???
Number of Keyboards 2
Keyboard Range C-f'''
Pedal C-e'
Action electro pneumatic
Stop Actionelectro pneumatic
Stops 18
Prinzipal Base 8

[St. Clemens, Kapellen]


Main Division I Positive Division II Pedal

Bordun 16'

Prinzipal 8'

Fernflöte 8'

Viola da Gamba 8'

Oktave 4'

Quinte 2 2/3'

Superoktave 2'

Mixtur 4fach

Kornett 4fach ab fis

Trompete 8'

Nachthorn 8'

Prinzipal 4'

Flute 2'

Quinte 1 1/3'

Scharfcymbel 3fach

Subbass 16'

Bassflöte 8'

Choralbass 4'

Posaune 16'


Coupler II-I

Coupler II-P