Positive Organ

One Manual Positive Organ with attached Pedal Keyboard (Hofbauer)


Construction Date unknown
Number of Keyboards 1
Key Range C-f'''
Pedal C-d'
Action mechanical Action
Stop Action mechanical Action
Stops 5
Prinzipal-Base 2
Height 248 cm
Width 130 cm
Depth 120 cm


Main Divison Pedal

Gedeckt 8'

Rohrflöte 4'

Prinzipal 2'

Quinte 2 2/3' ab c1

Zimbel 2 fach

Coupler to Main Division

More Fotos

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Front view

The glass prevents the organist of being blown away by the Zimbel and Quinte.

Originally all pipes had been hidden behind a wooden casing.

Side view

The Gedeckt 8' is completely wooden

Draw knobs (Discant)

The discant has ive draw knobs, the bass four plus one for the coupler.

Front view

The young organist cannot reach the pedal keyboard.